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Every day many people have benefited from Jeunesse Reserve and gaining optimal health.

Here is the people who benefited from Reserve :

Weight Loss



He was scheduled for a heart bypass surgery because two of his heart arteries were blocked. 

Before the surgery, he started taking Reserve daily for six weeks. 

When the doctor did another check before the surgery, one of the heart arteries was cleared and the other was 70% cleared. He does not need to go for surgery.
He was suffering from Parkinson disease. He needed two helpers to hold him in order to walk properly. 

Today he can walk and jog, without any assistance after consuming Reserve for 6 months.

After he was suffering from stroke, he started consuming two sachets of Reserve daily and also AM PM

A huge difference 28 days later

The doctor told him that an amputation was the remedy to his leg.

He was introduced to take Reserve to help his medical condition while waiting for the date to come.

The swelling subsided and his leg is gradually recovering. Reserve have save his leg from amputation.



He consuming Reserve for three months and at the same time applying Luminesce rejuvenation serum on his scalp twice a day.

Regrow his lost Hair.


Patient consuming Reserve for seven days, blood patches subsided!

He had Herpes. After taking Reserve and using Luminesce Serum for three months, his facial skin is restored and his herpes is cured! 

People who have been healed from gangrene after taking Reserve fruit gel.

After the doctor told her to come back for amputation appointment on her Gangrene finger. She started taking Reserve daily.

On her next visit to the doctor, her doctor congratulated her for regaining healthy blood flow to her finger and do not need to amputate her finger.


He was involved in car accident, picture taken before and after he consume Reserve and apply Luminesce Serum for two weeks. Fast recovery.  
Reserve improved her thyroid problem.
After she consuming Reserve, her thyroid condition improve.
Her Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level at 15.49 was far beyond the healthy range.

She was introduced to Reserve and after consuming for few months, she did another test and the result showed that her TSH dropped to a safe level of 3.426.




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