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Congratulations. You are here at the right time and the perfect opportunity to change your life.


Jeunesse offers a Global Business Opportunity to sell in the explosive $300 billion Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Beauty and Health industry. This market is projected to be more than ONE trillion dollars by year 2025. 

With Jeunesse online global business platform you can easily and quickly build and capitalizes on worldwide networks, which in turn build a thriving successful business in the very big market. Be in a Jeunesse distributor allows you to sell and market in over 100 countries.

Jeunesse is a global business that changing lives through the ability to create long-term income, and at the same time, help people worldwide reach their full potential in youthful looks and live a better and healthy living.


Advantages of becoming a distributor for Jeunesse:


Low start-up cost.

Generous 6 ways to get paid.

No requirement to carry stock.

Unique and in demand products.

Products are natural and organic.

Work from home with hours to suit your lifestyle.



Jeunesse offers a remarkably rewarding Financial Rewards Plan for selling the products and building an independent distribution business.


Learn more about the Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan.


Financial Rewards Plan


You will earn money based on your sales of Jeunesse's products to your customers, and by building your own team of Independent Sales Representatives.


There are six streams of income with Jeunesse:


1.   Retail Profit

2.   New Customer Acquisition Bonus

3.   Team Commission

4.   Leadership Matching Bonus

5.   Customer Acquisition Incentive

6.   Leadership Bonus Pool


1. Retail Profit:

Purchase the product at wholesale and sell it at retail price. You can sell it to anyone who wants to buy the product without being a Jeunesse Member.

No inventory is required; Jeunesse will ships the product for you.


2. New Customer Acquisition Bonus:

When you introduce someone sign up and join your team, you will receive the Customer Acquisition Bonus between USD 25 to USD 250 depending on the package they choose.


3. Team Commissions:

Earn residual income based on the efforts of others. You can be paid on all products sold by your team in ANY COUNTRY where Jeunesse does business. 

The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan pays commission on sales volume weekly with no limit to the number of levels on which you can earn commissions. You will earn commissions from everyone on your team on a global business!


4. Leadership Matching Bonuses:

Team commissions can earn you up to 20% commission on everyone that you personally enrol under your team plus the people that they introduce and sign up. 


5. Customer Acquisition Incentive

By having a minimum of 5 Preferred Customers for the current month, you can also receive an additional 5% Leadership Matching Bonus from those Distributors on the first level of your team.

Having 10 Preferred Customers increases this to an additional 10% on your team first level distributors.



This is the highest-level where bonuses along with extraordinary holiday incentives are offered to Diamond Directors.



In over the last 5 years - Jeunesse Business has

    Over $600 million in sales globally

    Paid out $300 million in commissions


There is a huge rising demand for the anti-aging, skin care, beauty and health industry and Jeunesse is the perfect opportunity that you don't want to miss! Now is your time to join.


Here are the information on how to get started:


Click on the following link:



1. Click on the "Join Now" button on the right hand corner of the website and select the country you are living in.

2. Tick on the "I agree" and click to continue.

3. You will come to the page "Join The Jeunesse Family".

Everyone start with the minimum order of the Starter Kit to build a global business. It is $29.95-$49.95, depending on your country.

This fee is for your starter kit, training materials, reports & accounting database, free webinars and your personal Jeunesse Distributor's website.


Next, you have the option to choose the Basic Package or the Business Builder Package.

With the Business Builder Packages, you will get more value with bulk discounts and Sapphire Rank benefits to help you earn more money in a shorter time.


This is a one-time offer only and this is the only time you get to order below wholesale prices!


You need to key in these required information: 

1. Full Name as in your NRIC card.

2. Full NRIC No. 

SSN which stands for Social Security Number for USA. 

For Singaporeans, just key in your NRIC No.

For other countries you can key in your ID card number or passport number.



3. Your "User Name" is for your website, for example if "User Name" is "mysite", your website is www.mysite.jeunesseglobal.com


Please Note:

For Bank code, you can key in later when you are in your website back office.

Your spouse or anyone who you choose can be your co-applicant.

It is free to include the co-applicant now, just key in their name and NRIC No. or Passport No.

If you submit the co-applicant later, there is a US$25 processing fee.


Please Note:

When ordering your package, you must indicate whether it is to be delivered or pick up at Jeunesse office. 

If you do not indicate pick up, it will be delivered to your home and there is a delivery charge.

After you have indicated your package, you will be given the "Autoship Option" for your convenience.


At your website's back office, you can register your online wallet to receive your commission.

You will get all the knowledge you need in this business. You will have training, seminars and conventions to help you and your team to be successful.


Come.... Join Right now with us

in Boosting Concept to make you and your team great earners.


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